Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Runs In My Blood :-)

So, today, I decided to take a hand at what my father spent his whole LIFE enjoying: the stock market! My father was an avid investment analyst who owned an investment advisory company. He would invest clients' money in various stocks (per his own 40+years of hands-on experience with the market), and watch them grow!

Well, I've always had a deep love for this field of work, as my father loved it with all of his heart! It was never 'work' for him, he truly enjoyed every moment of working in the NYSE. He was able to work from anywhere in the world--whether it was in his pajamas in his home office or sitting on the shores of Pular Kelor beach in Indonesia. For this reason, he always had a great passion to pass his knowledge on to me, his only child. He always felt that life could be lived so richly as an investor, mainly because one loses no time with his friends and family while working. Sadly, my young mind was not cognizant of the benefits of his knowledge before he passed away, so I lost the opportunity to inherit his wealth of knowledge (perhaps the most valuable of all worldly wealth!)

Since his passing, however, I've always felt a deep connection to the stock market--following it whenever I can. It runs in my blood, and it is an immense part of my father's legacy. So, today, I decided to get my hands dirty in the market, once and for all! I already have all of his accounts, but I never had the courage to touch them. Today, I bought some shares of a stock, and have been refreshing the page for 2 hours now :-) Subhanallah, Allah shows us in His ways--the stock I bought went up 8.24% after I bought it! I have a strong feeling the market runs in my blood, and I plan to live it up to its full potential, inshAllah :-)

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