Monday, June 6, 2011


To love with one's whole love with every fiber of one's love unconditionally even the most flawed and corrupt, selfish love even when everything around you is breaking you down, bit by bit, day by day... to love...

to the point that there is simply nothing left in you. but you still want to give more? all you get back is hurt, lies, and crap from the world--but you still want to give more.

can't. let. go.
don't. want. to. either.
it hurts too good.

"... what is love? Love is not idealization. Every true lover knows that if you really love a woman or a man, that you don't idealize him or her. Love means that you accept a person with all its failures, stupidities, ugly points. And nonetheless, the person's absolute for you. Everything life- that makes life worth living. But you see perfection in imperfection itself and that's how we should learn to love the world." -Slavoj Zizek

what is this bullshit emotion?

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