Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Runs In My Blood :-)

So, today, I decided to take a hand at what my father spent his whole LIFE enjoying: the stock market! My father was an avid investment analyst who owned an investment advisory company. He would invest clients' money in various stocks (per his own 40+years of hands-on experience with the market), and watch them grow!

Well, I've always had a deep love for this field of work, as my father loved it with all of his heart! It was never 'work' for him, he truly enjoyed every moment of working in the NYSE. He was able to work from anywhere in the world--whether it was in his pajamas in his home office or sitting on the shores of Pular Kelor beach in Indonesia. For this reason, he always had a great passion to pass his knowledge on to me, his only child. He always felt that life could be lived so richly as an investor, mainly because one loses no time with his friends and family while working. Sadly, my young mind was not cognizant of the benefits of his knowledge before he passed away, so I lost the opportunity to inherit his wealth of knowledge (perhaps the most valuable of all worldly wealth!)

Since his passing, however, I've always felt a deep connection to the stock market--following it whenever I can. It runs in my blood, and it is an immense part of my father's legacy. So, today, I decided to get my hands dirty in the market, once and for all! I already have all of his accounts, but I never had the courage to touch them. Today, I bought some shares of a stock, and have been refreshing the page for 2 hours now :-) Subhanallah, Allah shows us in His ways--the stock I bought went up 8.24% after I bought it! I have a strong feeling the market runs in my blood, and I plan to live it up to its full potential, inshAllah :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009


I can't stop thinking these days.

I wonder why...'s easier for us to push each other away than it is for us to come closer together?'s easier to look the other way than it is to confront injustices?'s easier to keep our walls up than it is for us to open our hearts?

I decided there are a couple reasons:
  • Because this temporary world is all one. big. TEST. It's supposed to be easier for us to take the unprincipled, crooked route--because God is testing the purity of our souls, if we are of the few that are willing to choose the demanding and obstreperous path, which is also the straight one.
  • Because humans are naturally weak beings, unwilling to take risks that may jeopardize our security, our feelings, our 'images' in society. Without faith--and without the guidance and strength of the Lord--we have no capacity to rise above the sickly societal norms that we are surrounded by. By making decisions and choosing paths that are unpopular and against the heavy, negative tides of society, our minds, bodies, AND souls grow stronger.
One who remains a stranger in this world (for the right reasons) is truly a permanent citizen of Jannah!!

I leave you with a few words of wisdom (though unrelated, entirely relevant in any forum):

"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." - Wayne Dyer

Sunday, July 26, 2009

الحياة… ليست كما تبدو دائما

A BEAUTIFUL post from ilsul6ana:

Life is simply never what it seems.

Don't be fooled by what you see on the surface.

نظرات وقحة

جلست الفتاة الشابة في المقهى بانتظار خطيبها
الذي اتفق معها ان يلاقيها بعد انتهاء العمل
ارتشفت الشاي وجالت بنظرها في المكان
فرأت شابا ينظر اليها ويبتسم
لم تعره انتباها واستمرت في شرب الشاي
بعد دقائق اختلست نظرة بطرف عينيها
الى حيث يجلس الشاب فرأته مازال ينظر اليها
وبنفس الابتسامة , تضايقت جدا من هذه الوقاحة
وعندما جاء خطيبها اخبرته
نهض الخطيب واتجه نحو الشاب
ولكمه لكمة قوية في الوجه اطاحته ارضا
نظرت الفتاة الشابة نظرة إعجاب الى رجولة خطيبها
ودفاعه عنها في مقابل نظرات الشاب الوقحة
وخرجا من المقهى يدا بيد
بعد لحظات نهض الشاب بمساعدة النادل
ووضع نظارته السوداء على عينيه
ورفع عصاه وتحسس طريقه الى خارج المقهى

حيث يذهب الجميع

قرر ان يجرب اللذة الحرام لاول مرة
فاستقل الطائرة الى المدينة الشهيرة بلذاتها
واستقل تاكسي من المطار وقال للسائق مع غمزة
ان يأخذه الى حيث يذهب كل الناس
وأراح رأسه على الكرسي وأخذ يفكر
فيما ينتظره من مغامرات سمع عنها
طول عمره ولم يجربها
ونساء لاتراهن الا في الافلام السينمائية
فكر وفكر حتى احس بالسيارة قد توقفت
نظر حوله فرأى المكان غريبا ولايشبه توقعاته بشيئ
وعند سؤاله سائق التاكسي عن المكان
اجابه ببرود انهم في مقبرة المدينة
غضب الرجل وصاح بسائق التاكسي
انه يريد الذهاب الى حيث حياة الليل والنوادي
وليس المقبرة
اجابه السائق بان ليس جميع الناس
يقصدون النوادي الليلية
ولكن الجميع بدون استثناء ياتون الى المقبرة
رجع الرجل الى المطار
وركب طائرته عائدا الى بيته وعائلته


جلس في الحديقة العامة على كرسي
وجال بنظره في الارجاء البعيدة
يراقب الناس ومايفعلونه
البعض يلعب ، والبعض يقرأ ، وآخر أخذته غفوة
بدا يحس بالسأم
عندما شاهد من بعيد إمراة
ذات قوام جميل ومشية كالطاووس
لم يتمكن من رؤية ملامح وجهها
ولكنه تحسر على جمالها
وقارنها بزوجته المملة التي تشبه العسكر
راقب مشيتها وهي تمشي باتجاهه
عندما لاحظ طفلا بجانبها
تحسر وقال هنيئا له زوجها على هذه الحسناء
وكم خجل من نفسه عندما اقتربت المراة منه
واكتشف انها زوجته وبجانبها طفله .

الحياة المثالية

جلست في بيت صديقتها الواسع والفخم ذو الاثاث الغالي
واخذت تحدثها عن كم هي محظوظة بزواجها
من رجل اعمال منحها عيشة الملوك
بيت كالقصر ، وحمام سباحة ، وسيارة تخطف الابصار
وخدم وحشم ، ونقود وتسوق ، وسفر الى الخارج
ابتسمت صاحبة البيت
التي كانت تضع نظارة سوداء سميكة
لهذا الكلام واستمعت الى صديقتها
وهي تكمل مدحها لحياتها وتعدد اسباب سعادتها
وكم تمنت لو انها تحظى بنفس حياتها
انصرفت بحسرتها وخلعت صاحبة البيت النظارة
حيث ظهرت آثار الكدمات السوداء تحت عينيها
من أثر الضرب
الحياة… ليست كما تبدو دائما

THIS Is Why I love MY Country!!!!!

THIS is why I love this country. It may have its fair share of issues, but this shows the pure essence of the human spirit of America:


and enjoy e.v.e.r.y single moment you're gifted from God.

LOVE IT!!!! That couple is starting their marriage out in a wonderful way :-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

So tired of BS!

Sorry, but I'm not taking it anymore, and I'm DEFINITELY not gonna be sorry about it!

In other news...I am SO addicted to this amazing song of Carole Samaha's :-) Love herrrrr!

Are You A Wealthy Man Or A Beggar?

A saint was praying silently. A wealthy merchant, observing the saint's devotion and sincerity, was deeply touched by him. The merchant offered the saint a bag of gold. "I know that you will use the money for Allah's sake. Please take it."

"Just a moment." The saint replied. "I'm not sure if it is lawful for me to take your money. Are you a wealthy man? Do you have more money at home?

"Oh yes. I have at least one thousand gold pieces at home," claimed the merchant proudly.

"Do you want a thousand gold pieces more? Asked the saint.

"Why not, of course yes. Every day I work hard to earn more money."

"And do you wish for yet a thousand gold pieces more beyond that?"

"Certainly. Every day I pray that I may earn more and more money."

The saint pushed the bag of gold back to the merchant. "I am sorry, but I cannot take your gold," he said. "A wealthy man cannot take money from a beggar."

"How can you call yourself a wealthy man and me a beggar?" the merchant spluttered.

The saint replied, "I am a wealthy man because I am content with whatever Allah (SWT) sends me. You are a beggar, because no matter how much you possess, you are always dissatisfied, and always begging Allah (SWT) for more."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happyness :-)

How ADORABLE is this kid?! MashAllah, may Allah (swt) allow the glowing light in his eyes to burn brighter with happiness with every day that passes by inshAllah!

He has such a beautiful sincerity in his eyes, a sincerity that so deeply communicates the simplicity, purity, and innocence of his happiness.

Seeing such a powerful picture like this got me thinking. It is the most natural and human feeling to long for happiness in one's life. Though happiness has many general elements that may apply to all human beings (faith, health, love, peace, family, friends, freedom, liberty, respect, etc.), some of the most precious elements of happiness are those that are purely subjective.

What is happiness to me? In all honesty, when someone is trying to fill a void or a gaping hole of emptiness in their life, they often mistake every simple, fulfilling act as the key to their happiness. For me, the last two years have been full of such unhealthy behaviors. The biggest one that comes to mind is shopping: I have experienced a very unhealthy attachment to the act of shopping. I have always loved the art of dressing oneself to portray her personality, character and presence, but that's a good thing only when practiced in moderation. Under the illusion that shopping gave me the happiness I was missing in my life, I began spending thousands of dollars per month on the most trivial and unnecessary (now I realize this) things when living temporarily in New York in 2007. Sickeningly, the rush of accumulating things (clothes, shoes, etc.) gave me some sort of validation that I so desperately believed I needed. It's taken many months of anguish to curb this addiction and bring myself back to a point of moderation, but I'm here! All praises be to Allah (swt), now I realize fully how stupid it was to think that accumulating material things could actually bring someone true happiness. Hah! It sounds so stupid now that I write all of this, but it is the raw, honest truth.

This experience of mine has helped make trivial elements of life quite clear to me. I now fully understand the difference between temporary satisfaction and genuine, blessed bliss. Though I have yet to identify and define true happiness personally (the definition of one's happiness is very fluid, changing as the chapters of life evolve), I know that I am on a path towards it, inshAllah.

During the past few cool, breezy summer days, I have found myself spending more time outdoors-absorbing the purity and perfection of God's nature. One can almost feel the presence of Allah when surrounded solely by his unblemished creations! So, for now, I can confidently say that my path to happiness is definitely surrounded by flowers, trees, and blue skies :-) (and maybe a nice dress or two? ;-) absolutely not!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Families are such an unbelievable blessing from Allah (SWT)! I honestly cannot put into words the feelings of complete satisfaction and PEACE that I feel when I'm simply surrounded by my family members. It's a beautiful thing to have ALL your walls down and be completely bare and vulnerable with the people who protect you, love you, and keep you secure unconditionally.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


For a girl like me, who constantly holds every worry in every loved one's life as a personal priority, it is a truly beautiful feeling to 'let go' and simply appreciate the moment in all its splendor and simplicity. It is also a gift from Allah (SWT), and I thank Him with every breath that leaves my body for teaching me how to feel this way :-)

I am what some may call an 'extreme human being'. My existence in this world is one of extreme emotion and feeling, whether it be love or pain, happiness or grief. Though it is only at this point in life that I am beginning to understand my own soul and her many pieces, I have always loved and grieved with every single fiber of my being. Whether it was with my father, grandmother, aunt, or best friend, I have given my heart in its entirety to the many relationships and friendships with which Allah (SWT) has so generously blessed me. As I grow in my deen as a stronger and more sincere muslimah, I become more aware of the true beauty of this quality-having an open heart, overflowing in its capacity with genuine love for all of Allah (SWT)'s creations, be they mountains, horses, or human beings-and that it is one that will be tested heavily in the apathy, fitna, and hate of this sad world. All praise be to Allah, He has made my soul, my heart, my being even stronger in both the face of unconscionable grief and the face of heartless human beings.

Alhamdulilah, though this quality of mine allows me to come closer to Allah (SWT) and his creations in many ways, it also leaves me in a very vulnerable and weak position to those in this world who are insensitive, inconsiderate, and simply cold. It's difficult beyond words to have ice poured over a warm soul, but this is the nature of this world of Allah (SWT)-one of constant tests and trials. So, in order for a person like myself to even survive in this world, it is imperative that I find ways to fight animosity that forces its way into my life. It is only in the last 9 months that I have slowly and painstakingly come to understand how to release and submit my soul to the perfect and supreme Will of Allah (SWT). Because the deen of Islam is not only about the 5 pillars (which are the easiest to accomplish) but even more about the way a Muslim carries himself in a community or society-exemplifying the traits and character of our noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Once a Muslim achieves confidence in the purity and sincerity of his heart and character, he finds it very easy to accept the decisions and paths to which Allah (SWT) leads him--for he knows that these are the paths that will lead him closest to Allah (SWT).

All in all, it is necessary for us as mu'mineen to relinquish all control to our Almighty Lord, and have confidence in His unchallenged Hikmah (wisdom)! Allah (SWT) has taught me a very, very beautiful lesson...but not without months of raw pain, confusion and uncertainty.

Surah Ibrahim, Ayah 1:

ALIF LAM RA. A Book We have sent down to you that you may lead men out of darkness into light, by their Lord\'s command, to the path of the mighty, the worthy of praise.
' , WIDTH, 300, ABOVE, true, FONTFACE, 'Tahoma', FONTSIZE, '11.268292682926829pt')">الر ۚ كِتَابٌ أَنزَلْنَاهُ إِلَيْكَ لِتُخْرِجَ النَّاسَ مِنَ الظُّلُمَاتِ إِلَى النُّورِ بِإِذْنِ رَبِّهِمْ إِلَى صِرَاطِ الْعَزِيزِ الْحَمِيدِ